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Discover an Exclusive Line of Dermocosmetics

About: Mythica is an innovative dermocosmetic brand dedicated to organic skin care. Our product line is carefully formulated with the primary ingredient of donkey milk, sourced from the exotic Azorean islands. All our products are certified with the COSMOS ORGANIC seal by Ecocert Greenlife, according to the COSMOS Standard.


Our Products:

  • Shower Gel: Gentle and nourishing cleanser for the skin, leaving it fresh and revitalized.
  • Face Cream (Day and Night): Deeply hydrating moisturizer providing intensive care for the skin day and night, promoting a healthy and radiant complexion.
  • Hand Cream: Nourishment and protection for soft and smooth hands, ideal for daily use.

Certification: All Mythica products are COSMOS ORGANIC certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to COSMOS Standard, ensuring the highest quality and environmental respect.

The Project


Our Willingness, Ability and Expertise brought this project to life.
The Willingness to Produce and the Azorean capability for innovation.

The Ability to produce the precious certified-organic Donkey Milk and to freeze-dry it in compliance with world-class quality standards.

In addition to our expertise as forerunners, we have twenty years of experience in manufacturing cosmetics using Donkey Milk.
The three where combined to produce Mythica.
However, the Willingness, Ability and Expertise would be of little use without the Location:


Territory, Climate, Landscape
A set of characteristics that provide the ideal nutrition and conditions for donkey breeding and which are also responsible for the production of the wonderful Donkey Milk in these Islands. A unique, exclusive and singular location.
Mythica is unique and exclusive because it is Azorean.
As a precious raw material, Donkey Milk comes from special beings, donkeys of several endangered breeds. In the past, Donkeys were bred and kept as working animals, but time and technology as forced them to be gradually replaced by machines. This has led to a reduction in the donkey population. Donkeys were in danger of extinction. As mammals, milk production only occurs naturally as a result of reproduction. In addition, reproduction also helps to increase the Donkey population, including Portuguese native breeds (the Graciosa donkey and the Miranda donkey). Since the beginning of time, Donkey Milk is well known for its extreme resemblance with human breast milk. Donkey Milk is a precious substance. In addition to being a substitute for human breast milk and an effective agent against symptoms caused by several rare and autoimmune diseases, it is also a valuable basic ingredient used in high quality cosmetics.
The production of Donkey Milk makes it feasible and necessary to preserve an endangered
species by giving it with a new use, in addition to all the ethical reasons in favor of their preservation, in which the strict care and animal welfare practices are responsible for the very
high quality of the Azorean Donkey Milk, the best in the world. This milk is the core ingredient of the Mythica cosmetic line.
Our Willingness, Ability and Expertise, combined with the Territory, Climate and Landscape, help
us to promote the preservation of a species, and of the biodiversity, in a unique and unrepeatable combination. A truly timeless secret.
Mythica is so much more than a mere line of cosmetics

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